Smooth the Surface of Rough Cattle Shed Floors.

Plaining, Restore you Cattle Shed Floor

Plaining is used for rough concrete shed floors to smooth the surface. Plaining has become a widely used option for floors that have had previous grooving or pattern printed which has left a rough finish leading to an increase in cattle hoof problems.

Create a completely flat and stable flooring surface

Remove concrete on all uneven flooring conditions

Level exposed aggregate

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Frequently Asked Questions on Concrete Grooving

What is concrete planing?

Concrete planing is the process of smoothing or leveling a concrete surface. It is used to remove irregularities, worn-out grooves, or undesired patterns on the concrete floor of a cattle shed.

Why would I need to plane my concrete floor?

Planing might be necessary if the existing grooves have worn out or if the surface has become uneven over time. It provides a fresh, flat surface for new grooving patterns to be applied.

Does planing damage the concrete floor?

When done professionally, planing should not cause significant damage to the concrete floor. It merely removes a thin layer from the surface to create a smoother, more even finish.

I previously had my floor concrete grooved but it is slippery again. What should I do?

Depending on how much of the previous grooving / pattern is left we can mini groove, plain or deep groove over it. Get on touch with us on 07713 592795 and we’ll be able to offer more advice.

How often should a concrete floor be planed?

The frequency of planing depends on factors such as the quality of the initial work, the amount of traffic the floor receives, and how quickly the grooves wear out. There’s no set time frame, but it may be necessary every few years.

Can planing be done on any concrete floor?

Most concrete floors can be planed, but the effectiveness of the process can depend on factors like the age, condition, and quality of the concrete.

How much does concrete planing cost?

The cost of planing can depend on factors like the size of the area to be planed, the condition of the concrete, and the rates of the professional doing the work. Get in touch with us and we’d be happy to talk through the costs with you.